No need to worry, all levels are welcome.

Team 1 competes in Super Excellence, the highest University level, and team 2 competes in Promotion. Depending on the year and on the number of motivated people, there is sometimes a women’s team – but, girls are always motivated to create a team at the annual EAG (check out the EAG section).

A Space Jam pic, classic

Training Sessions

The training of team 1 takes place on Wednesday from 6 to 7.30pm, and for team 2 on Thursday from 4.30 to 6pm. A slot is often booked on Sunday at 6pm for those willing to train more, but without any coach.

Coach Carter, even more classic

Sporting Events

In addition to the University Championship – Monday for Team 1, Wednesday for Team 2 – Team 1 competes in the Inter-Region Championship, where school teams face each other on Thursday afternoons.
Besides, multiple tournaments are organized in which everybody can be a part of (Olymp’Icam, TISE, EAG, TOSS, etc.).

A victory day against Madrid during the EAG

Non-sporting events

Basketball meals are often organized – pizzas, tapas, or the classical fried chicken – with the members of the teams.

Un seul mot : CHOUFFE !!! (a French beverage)


In charge of the Basket-ball Club (Men) - IENAC17 - BDE Member

Mathilde MERLAND

In charge of the Basket-ball Club (Women) - IENAC17 - BDE Member